by these 2 ways i got job in Cognizant even without DSA and having below 60% !!!

i was a below average student till 12th and had 59.2% so  i  started working on myself  and started working on web development from first year in btech


So i started working from 2nd year done so many GDs and till 3rd year after a year i was able to crack any interview 

First thing any company check is communication

started learning Web Development

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Start with HTML/CSS for basics then get into JavaScript for DOM Manipulations  then My focus to get in MERN Developer which is really high paying job around 14 lakhs starting . after Learning MERN i was ready for any placements

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Interview Day

At the time of interview i was able to answer every question which they have raised in Computer Networks and one coding Question She Asked about reverse of a number and some Questions realted projects.

I got the Email after a month of interview and i got selected and got the internship and full time offer from them if you feel to connect connect me on

Result day

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