Remote Senior Independent Software Developer

Company: A·Team Careers

Location: Worldwide (Remote)

Compensation: $110-190/hour

About A·Team:

A·Team Careers is a VC-backed, stealth, application-only platform that brings together senior independent software developers for impactful missions. Launched in May 2020, A·Team has facilitated over $11.4 million in earnings for its members. The platform focuses on matching small teams of the world’s most talented developers with high-growth companies backed by renowned investors such as a16z, YC, Softbank, General Catalyst, and more.

What to Expect at A·Team Careers:

  • High-paying, Meaningful Missions: Engage in challenging and rewarding projects with audacious companies, typically ranging from $110 to $190 per hour.
  • Work Alongside Friends: Collaborate with small, diverse product teams, emphasizing teamwork over individual contributions. Previous collaborations include Lyft, McGraw Hill, ClearCo, and various startups backed by top-tier investors.
  • Full Autonomy: Enjoy the freedom to choose missions that excite you. There’s no pressure to commit if your bandwidth is limited. A·Team values autonomy and allows easy transitions if it’s no longer a fit.
  • Curated Gatherings: Participate in small, off-the-record gatherings to facilitate meaningful conversations. A·Team is building micro-communities for the world’s top developers to connect around shared interests.
  • Transparent Compensation: Keep 100% of what you earn. A·Team Careers charges a small, flat, and transparent platform fee on top of your rate.

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What You’ll Do as an A·Team Software Developer:

Once part of A·Team, you’ll receive invitations to impactful missions aligned with your interests. Choose from early-stage incubations, fast-growing super-funded companies, or non-tech incumbents looking to build as a tech giant would. Missions typically involve building ambitious software from 0 to 1 as part of a small 3-4 person team. You’ll be paid to scope, provide options, guide strategy, and execute on the selected solution.

Who A·Team is For:

  • Senior software developers who left large companies and high-growth startups for greater autonomy.
  • Those who prefer consistent contract work and want to create a variety of new products alongside other top-tier builders.
  • Individuals spending most of their time on independent work, including those employed full-time exploring client work, bootstrapping side projects, or seeking their next big endeavor.

Who A·Team is Not For:

  • Individuals seeking small gigs.
  • Developers focusing on building simple WordPress/Wix/Squarespace-style websites.
  • Early-career professionals and recent university/bootcamp grads (at least not yet).

Long-Term Vision of A·Team:

A·Team envisions itself as a new kind of company for a new breed of independent software builders – the “unhirables.” These are individuals traditional companies couldn’t hire full-time but who aspire to do their most meaningful work in small, autonomous, distributed expert teams. With $5 million+ in funding from investors like NFX, Village Global, Box Group, and notable individuals, A·Team is poised to redefine the future of independent software development. Join us and experience the freedom of high-impact, work-from-home opportunities in A·Team Careers.

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