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The most recent news from Accenture newsroom reinforces the notion that companies committed to disability inclusion are not only socially responsible but also more financially successful. In 2018, Accenture’s report titled “Getting to Equal: The Disability Inclusion Advantage” presented compelling evidence that businesses embracing disability inclusion tend to outshine their counterparts in various key commercial metrics.

In collaboration with workplace disability inclusion experts Disability:IN, Accenture has now released an updated report called “The Disability Inclusion Imperative.” This new study aims to reevaluate the landscape in light of post-pandemic trends, notably the widespread transition to remote work in 2020—an unprecedented shift in workplace accommodation.

The report underscores that the enduring impact of remote and hybrid work arrangements has contributed to the sustainability of corporate disability inclusion efforts. Companies prioritizing innovation in this area are shown to achieve significant financial benefits. Specifically, these organizations generate 1.6 times more revenue, enjoy 2.6 times higher net income, achieve 2 times more economic profit, and demonstrate a 25% increase in productivity compared to their competitors. This data reinforces the business case for disability inclusion and highlights its potential as a driver of increased revenue and profitability in the contemporary business landscape.

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